Careers at PTI Consulting

Impart knowledge to unfamiliarity.

At PTI we believe in the power of creativity to build a positive technology-driven world. Our teams of experts combine innovative thinking and real-world business experience to help drive progress further, faster.

And we’re a fast growing organisation. If you’re an IT professional with a desire to transform your career to the top of the league, get in touch, now’s the time to join PTI.


At PTI Consulting we are interested in developing talent and providing the platform to grow. Your past experience, your CV and nice portfolio are great, but we want to know your vision of how you will shape the future.

It’s much more about you the person, the personality, the creative. Show us who you are. Write in your natural voice and show your character, your passion for sports. It is this which will define success in the role so let’s get straight to it!

Our People

At PTI Consulting we look to act as one team to promote a singular voice. We take pride in working closely with our client base to deliver true value through our tight knit consultants’ network, building teams as a service; bringing people together to deliver the best experience possible.

Honesty, simplicity and integrity sit at the heart of everything we do, and we are always looking to challenge ourselves, share best practice and act with humility.

Current job vacancies

No job positions currently available.

Please check back again soon.